We recognize that our clients are the reason we are in business.  Our client-centric business model is based on creating informed, educated, and loyal long-term relationships. We believe our clients are partners and stakeholders with our team and deserve to save thousands with our processes and systems.  


Jose A. Ixchu 

MBA, Broker-Owner, Realtor®

Selling A Castle

Every Home Is A Castle

Our clients receive exceptional care and service throughout the selling process.




  • Market knowledge giving you the quickest exposure to the maximum number of buyers

  • Qualifying prospects as to their affordable price range and housing needs

  • Market knowledge of the current market values and can help set a realistic, competitive price. 

  • Skilled professional when marketing your home for sale

  • Frees you from the problem s associated with showing your homes. 

  • Our concierge service handles phone inquiries, showings, and negotiations of the contract

  • Familiarizes you with the closing procedures

  • Realtor® seller's agent are bound by a code of ethics 

Buying A Castle

Every Home Is A Castle

Our clients receive exceptional care and service throughout the buying process. 



  • Find the right home - get the most updated market information and inventory, including homes listed by other professionals

  • Find the best-suited home for your needs (size, style, features, location, and facilities)

  • Clients receive professional negotiations expertise helping you determine market price and suitable offer(s)

  • Client representation acts as your agent putting your best interest ahead of personal goals

  • Clients receive property information on real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services, and facilities

  • Realtor® buyer's agents are bound by a code of ethics.



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