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Usually, people understand buying a home is one of the biggest decisions or investments they will make in their lifetime, especially first time home buyers.  Most homeowners have committed hundreds of thousands of dollars towards purchasing their home.  With experience, homeowners begin to understand their home will also have additional costs like insurance premiums and real estate taxes.  Additionally, real estate is not very liquid market proposition.  The process of buying and selling a home can cost money through transaction costs.


When it comes to selling their home, some homeowners believe hiring the less expensive or "discounted" brokerage will deliver the most "bang for the buck".  However, this could be their biggest mistake costing them thousands.  Would it be wise for homeowners to take the same view of their doctor, dentist, or accountant?  


To get the most out of your investment, it is critical to keep several key points in mind at the purchase and sale of the property.  

  • Think long-term as real estate tends to appreciate in value over the long term.

  • Evaluate your location, location, location to ensure your decision will help avoid cost relative short-term purchase, and sale.  

  • Avoid generalizations, home affordability involves a very individual set of circumstances that includes your other obligations plus stability and growth potential or your income. 

Are You Really Saving Money?

Service Comparison

you think hiring a pro is expensive, wait to you hire an amateur.


ProfIt is important to understand selling a home is a business transaction, homeowners need to put plenty of thought into the process.  Many people spend hours doing research before buying a television costing less than $2,000,  and yet hire a Rookie, someone they know, or family friend how happens to be a part-time agent to sell their greatest investment.  These very homeowners take their biggest single purchase or investment and attempt to save money by employing the wrong selling strategy.  Some of these mistakes include:

  • Failing to research before listing

  • Hire a Rookie to be their agent

  • Fail to demand professional processes, tools, and expertise

  • Complicate the selling process by not understanding the market

  • Fail to hold themselves and their representative accountable


First, do the research, it is important to research the agents as Rookie agents are not qualified to sell your home for top dollar. These agents do not have the experience, resources, and understanding of the selling process.  Additionally, placing a for sale sign in the front yard does nothing to market the home,  An experienced agent will employ the right marketing plan to attract multiple buyers.  Additionally, when an offer is presented to an inexperienced agent, these agents will not know how to negotiate effectively.  You can do some research by looking at what others are saying about the agent here: LinkedIn Zillow Facebook , or Google. Don't make this mistake, hire our team to sell your home and employ our experience, and education on your behalf.  Our team has Certified Master Negotiators, and Certified Listing Specialists on staff to get the job done. 


Sellers settle for less than professional services.  Professional agents will utilize other professionals to make sure the home is presented in the best light possible.  The following are just an example of possible resources:

  • Professional photography

  • Professional staging service

Utilizing the services listed above will put the home in front of potential buyers, remember 90-94% of buyers are looking online before choosing which ones to go see, put your best foot forward with professional services.  Expected it from your representatives.  See these examples:










Making the processes more complicated and not holding each other accountable.  The key to getting the home sold is making sure buyers do not have to run through hoops or can't view the home in a reasonable timeframe. 

  1. Sellers should not lose sight that selling a home in competitive market accessibility is required and expected. 

  2. Additionally, proper communication between the agent and seller is critical to ensure the home is sold for the highest price possible.  Putting a sign outside the home and a lockbox on the door and never talking again is a big mistake.  Both parties should be speaking on a regular basis to ensure updates are provided and strategies reviewed constantly. 

  3. There is no excuse for poor service and it starts with a lack of communication.  Keep in mind, selling a home is a collaborative transaction, seller and agent should be on the same page and understand the goal, selling the home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. 


These are just a few items sellers should understand, are the flat fee or limited service providers more expensive than you think?  Some sellers are making numerous mistakes by attempting to save a few dollars by leaving thousands on the table.  Full-service brokerages employ the right strategy at the right time, sell the home for more money.


At Premier Castle Realty, we spend more money, time, and effort per listing than most agents.  Our marketing efforts often result in us selling homes very quickly and above list price. To schedule, a home listing consultation simply completes the information request below and we'll be in touch right away to set a time date to discuss how we get it done.    


Avoid Making A Big Mistake



  • Pre-Listing Consultation

  • Listing Presentation

  • Listing Agreement &  Requirements 

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Processing

  • Marketing Plan

  • Offer and Contract Negotiations

  • Transaction Tracking

  • Loan Process Updates

  • Home Inspection Information

  • Appraisal Reviews and Interpretation 

  • Closing Requirements and Preparation 

  • Follow Up After Closing

Selling your home takes dedication and time to get it done right.  By utilizing our services, you get your time back and we SAVE YOU MONEY by representing you and managing the legally required documents and disclosures. Here is a broad list of items accomplished during a typical real estate transaction. 

(Source National Realtor Association (NAR) Buyer/Seller Profile 2016)