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"93% of all sales involve an agent"

As with any other profession, there are great real estate agents and not-so-great real estate agents, with the vast majority residing somewhere in between the two extremes. Hire a great agent here.

Our Pledge

Our goal is to help our clients understand the buying or selling process.  We will assist in finding the right home or selling of an existing home by determining comparable homes in the area, negotiate the price and terms of sale,  prepare all the required documents, and can also assist with financing options on their behalf.  


We know the public has options, our goal is to be the Realtors® of choice focusing on building relationships, friendships, and expanding our real estate family one client at a time.   Our clients can trust our team, we have developed a reputation for excellence, honesty, trustworthiness because of our knowledge and experience in the local area.  We are also accessible, reachable and available to our clients via multiple technology platforms.


Our team ensures confidentiality and are accountable to our clients, each other and the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to provide reasonable care, loyalty, obedience in representing our clients, advocacy, and ensure personal and properties have all the required disclosures.  We ensure our clients are informed, educated and properly prepared to buy or sell a residential or commercial property.    


As an agent, you deserve a team demonstrating honesty, integrity, responsiveness, knowledge of the process and real estate market.  A team committed to effective communication, negotiation skills, knowledge of the local area, and technology savviness.  A team focused on your needs, you found it.  


Thank you for the opportunity.

Jose A Ixchu, MBA, Borker-Realtor®


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