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"Real Lead Generation, not a gimmick."

Everyone wants to sell you leads or promise free stuff, but when they do, it cost you a percentage of your commission. When it comes down to the real estate business, you have to roll up your sleeves and make it happen. Real Estate is about building relationships, and technology will not replace that. Still, an innovative agent who uses technology is a game-changer. Our goal is to train you, motivate you, and pave the way to help you reach your goal, whatever that is, or how you define success, but it takes action. We show you how to find the leads and offer highly valued, industry-recognized, best-in-class lead gen, and CRM products.

✅ Real Geeks Lead Gen, Agent Sites, and CRM
✅ MailChimp Video Marketing with Integration
✅ Real Geeks Lead Generating System for Increased Conversions
✅ Multiple platforms and training for Listing Leads
✅ Buyside for Listing Lead Gen and Ads
✅ Real Geeks Listing Machine for Social Media Syndication
✅ Marketing Platform and Free Agent Designs
✅ BackAgent virtual back office all included
✅ No Transaction Fee
✅ Low Cap Limit
✅ Competitive Commission Splits
✅ Industry Leading Coaching/Mentoring
✅ Industry Leading Buyer/Listing Training
✅ Real Access To Our Brokerage Support Team, and more.

Combine all of this with our innovative full-service, cap incentive, transaction fee "Free" model, and you have PCR. The best up and coming real estate independent brokerage in the DFW area, and soon other states.


We don't want everyone to join our company, we are looking for self-motivated professionals seeking a challenge if you don't' meet these characteristics please don't apply. If any of this sounds intriguing, wait until we get to tell you about our innovative support systems, and more.

Our team takes great pride in offering a superior working environment, superior client service, and professionalism.  Join Premier Castle Realty and experience support team meetings, effective training, exceptional tools, lead generation, and contract management resources.

If you are looking for the right start or a new home Premier Castle Realty might be for you.  Schedule a meeting with by calling 833-722-7853 Ext 5 or schedule an appointment here. We look forward to meeting you. 


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