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Ten Reasons To Choose PCR

Professional Experts With Years of Experience

Our name means quality, attention to detail, and integrity. Premier Castle Realty (PCR) specializes in the DFW real estate market. Our agents have a successful record of helping clients settle in this area. No matter whether you’re looking to sell your current home, or find a new one to rest your head, we can help you secure the best opportunities in the Dallas Fort Worth real estate market.

The advantages of hiring a full-time real estate agent are plentiful - hire the right one here.

  • The avoidance of a lot of paperwork and red tape - Premier Castle Realty agents are highly trained and educated able to sort through the dozens of pages of mostly fine print and make sure that your sale is done absolutely by the book. Our network of professional services mitigates any worry about errors and omissions; if they do occur, our team of a licensed real estate professional have insurance to cover them, limiting your risk.

  • The saving of a lot of time and energy - Here is a good idea, let our agents do the leg work for you so you don't have to devote your evenings and weekends conducting tours of your home, not to mention the staging of your home to make those tours worth your time, hiring one of our agents will take care of it for you. 

  • Not having to coordinate repair and upgrading efforts on your own - Our agents have a network of professional contacts, including inspectors, attorneys, landscapers, contractors, and other agents, to call on if necessary to get your home into sellable shape.

  • Having an expert in your local real estate market on your side - No one knows our local market better than our Castle Realty Group qualified real estate agents. We continually follow market trends, we will expertly set appropriate price points, and determine the best avenues for advertising your home's availability.

  • Not having to conduct negotiations yourself - Negotiation is an art, and most sellers have little experience in this field. Our agents will negotiate on your behalf, maximizing your profit in the end. In fact, having an agent in your corner will encourage potential buyers (or their agents) to avoid lowball offers.

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